StartDateEvent:July 4—-EndDateEvent:July 5/l/London, United Kingdom./–/ Elise Miller presents Part 2 of her internationally acclaimed workshop on working with scoliosis ONLINE through over 2 weekends: July 11-12 and July 18-19.

By combining the yoga postures with breathing awareness, one can develop more structural alignment of the body and become more symmetrical and balanced.

On Saturday, Elise will do a quick review of the basics of Yoga for Scoliosis from Part 1. The emphasis will be on standing poses, back strengtheners and backbends, inversions and twists. Adjustments and props will be used to assist participants to work with their own scoliosis.

This workshop is for students and teachers who have completed the 10-hour Yoga for Scoliosis Part I, or have at least 6 months of training with Elise Miller‘s Yoga for Scoliosis DVD or her book, Yoga for Scoliosis, A Path for Students and Teachers. Also, if you are a continuing student of Iyengar yoga or have been trained by one of Elise’s Yoga for Scoliosis trainers, you may attend. Teachers are invited to bring their continuing students with scoliosis.

To register and for more information please email