Yoga For Scoliosis Teacher Training Program

with Elise Miller

The Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Training Program was designed to teach yoga instructors, medical practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors and other bodywork practitioners how to work with students or patients who have scoliosis. The program is based on the teachings of Elise Miller, a Senior Certified Iyengar yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga since 1976. Elise’s teachings are inspired by her many years of study with B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India and with her own scoliosis that was diagnosed at the age of 15.
The Yoga for Scoliosis training program includes two steps: 1) a 20-hour workshop course with written assignment and 2) a three-month teaching practicum. The program is intended for existing yoga instructors, bodyworkers as well as those with a medical background (physician, chiropractor, PT, etc.).

Step 1: Attend Yoga for Scoliosis workshop

The Yoga for Scoliosis 20-hour workshop is held nationwide and is open to everyone, including those not taking part in the YFS Teacher Training Program. The workshop is usually broken into two separate parts, Yoga for Scoliosis Part 1 and Part 2, however it is also offered as one, 20-hour workshop in certain locations. After completion of the 20 hours, Elise will give you a homework assigment to complete. The cost for attending the workshops and registration is handled by the hosting studio. Click here for a complete list of workshop dates and locations. Only Yoga for Scoliosis Part 1 and Part 2 workshops qualify towards completion of the training.

Step 2: Complete the Teaching Practicum

After you have attended Yoga for Scoliosis workshops Part 1 and 2, you are eligible to begin the teaching practicum portion of the training program, where you will find and teach two students with scoliosis for a three month period. You will teach your students how to work with their particular type of scoliosis and document your proess and submit a detailed final report. Elise will be available to you for questions and follow-up via phone and email during this time.

To apply for the practicum:

Mail or email a letter of intent to start the practicum stating a) your background qualifications and certifications that qualify you for the practicum, b) where and when you have taken Part 1 and Part 2 workshops, and c) the date you plan to start your practicum and the names of your two students. Please also include your written homework assignment that Elise handed out at the workshop along with a $150 payment to begin the practicum payable to Shanti Productions. Mailed letters may be sent to: 1081 Moreno Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94303. You may also call our office at 650-493-1254 to submit a credit card payment.

Those successfully completing both steps of the program will receive a certificate of completion and become a Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Trainer. You may then choose to be featured on Elise’s web site for an additional $150 fee.