Lisa Gulotta

Movement and yoga have saved my structural life. By “structural life” I mean my ability to inhabit my body in a pain-free way, to move through space with suppleness and flexibility and to find joy in movement—both simple and complex. I have been dancing and moving since I was born, but it was not until I seriously committed to the practice of yoga that I was truly able to arrest the progression of my scoliosis.

Yoga is the perfect synergy of opposites. This magnificent discipline encourages the body to boost the level of flexibility, to increase length, while at the same time challenging the body to become stronger and more grounded.

I am a trained modern dancer and Certified Personal Trainer, and have been teaching and coaching since 1992.

In 2007 I certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Though I am a student of Iyengar Yoga, I chose to certify at Kripalu because I wanted to become a teacher who combined respect for precision and alignment, with movement, music and whimsy. Kripalu is the yoga of self-discovery, and for those of us with scoliosis, every day is a different journey.

In 2008 I became a Yoga For Scoliosis Trainer. I spent a blissful week in Mexico with Elise Miller focusing specifically on learning how to teach yoga to those with scoliosis. It was a rigorous, provocative, and healing experience. I left with a profound admiration for the body’s ability and desire to realign itself and find its own pathway for easing chronic pain.

I am also a Cancer Exercise Specialist and work with cancer survivors, teaching them a combination of yoga, dance, fitness, breath-work and meditation…inspiring their bodies and hearts to heal and move toward wellness. I also created a special video program for cancer patients and survivors: The Next Step, Vol. 1: Restorative Exercises After Breast Cancer.

I am currently studying to be a yoga therapist.

For information on private sessions, retreats and workshops, and online class schedules please contact me at , 505-670-0538, or visit my website