gillhendersonGill began practising Iyengar Yoga in 1991 and she began teaching Yoga in 2002. She offers Private Yoga for Scoliosis sessions, Yoga classes and Yoga Workshops . She is a certified Yoga for Scoliosis teacher trainer with Elise Browning Miller, and holds diplomas in – Yttc Hatha Yoga, Birthlight Perinatal Yoga & Postnatal & Baby Yoga and Iaim Baby Massage.

She was diagnosed with an ‘S’ shaped structural scoliosis at the age of 14 , which she found emotionally very difficult to deal with. It was not until in her 20’s that she found yoga which instantly gave her a huge release of physical and emotional tension. A car accident in 2008 left her with a whiplash injury to her thoracic spine. She had tried all types of Yoga over the years with many teachers , but it was not until during her training with Elise Browning Miller that there was a huge release in the stuck muscles in her middle back. The pain which she had due to the injury went and she was able to straighten up completely. There was a feeling of lightness and a great deal more symmetry and alignment to how her back looked and felt. She is extremely grateful for the huge change that this release in her mid back has brought to her life and for Elise’s method of teaching. She continues to practice Yoga for Scoliosis daily.

She has studied Yoga all over the world and taught students of all ages and ability from 4 weeks to 80 years old. She is passionate about Yoga as a way of life, as she sees it as a way of bringing joy back to our daily existence, through the balance and freedom that it brings to body , mind and soul. Her approach to teaching is fun, light- hearted and compassionate. Gill’s teaching experience enables her to deeply tune into how to facilitate the best possible way to help students in a safe, supportive environment, so that they can explore Yoga as a path to heal and maintain a healthy back.

How will Yoga for Scoliosis help you ?

Feel more balanced and comfortable about your Scoliosis in your body and mind,

Potentially help to reduce of stop the progression of your curve/s and spinal rotation

Alleviate stiffness, discomfort and pain

Improve your posture

Create muscular strength and balance and lengthen your spine

Help to De – rotate your spine and ribs

Empower yourself to take control of your health and well – being

For more information please contact Gill at: or ring ( 0044) (0) 7879 810630