Gayla Kobialka

Gayla’s scoliosis was diagnosed when she was in middle school. Determined not to wear a brace due to the bullying that she perceived she  would receive, she went about her life. In her forties while living in the Washington, D.C. area, she worked with a D.O. that did craniosacral massage for her migraines. It was this D.O. that introduced her to yoga, copying an entire out of print book for her that he had in his collection. He also mentioned that he believed that there was “some woman who does yoga for scoliosis” but couldn’t remember her name. That’s when Gayla found Elise Browning Miller and ordered her DVD. She started her yoga practice with Elise’s DVD and the book from her D.O.

Gayla’s encore career in yoga teaching began in 2020, during the COVID pandemic. She received training at Radiant Child Yoga and Yoga Farm Ithaca. She began teaching yoga via Zoom during the pandemic and continued her yoga studies by enrolling in the Yoga Therapy Program at Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. She is a RYT500 and a Yoga Therapist-in-Training.

Gayla’s scoliosis progressed from middle school to what is now a left thoracolumbar curvature of 55 degrees. She continues to practice yoga for scoliosis at home, using the yoga wall that her loving husband built for her in their basement. She teaches chair yoga and aqua yoga classes in the greater Kansas City Metro Area. Her scoliosis work includes individual instruction, small group instruction, and workshop trainings. She sees clients for individual instruction at her chiropractor’s (she has scoliosis too) office in the KC Area.

Gayla can be contacted at and

Photography on this page is by Gayla’s daughter, Jessica MacCallum