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Donatella Santoro is a physician, a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT), and Certified Yoga for Scoliosis Instructor in Chicago (USA), and Naples (Italy).

Originally from Italy, Donatella is a former athlete with a professional background in medicine. After many years dedicated to helping patients she moved to Chicago where, in 2003, she turned to yoga to treat a painful and debilitating condition caused by the fusion of two cervical vertebrae.

Yoga was the self-healing tool Donatella had been searching for. She learned that, through practicing yoga, she could defeat pain, weakness, and limited mobility by working with, instead of against, the body.

Donatella’s teaching style focuses on releasing chronic tension to improve posture, alignment, flexibility, and muscular strength. She uses her knowledge of yoga and understanding of anatomy, physiology, and muscle function to address students’ individual needs, regardless of limitations and ailments.

Her classes are accessible to students of any age despite stiffness, chronic pain, injuries, aging ailments, and movement limitations.

Donatella is based in Chicago (USA) and lives in Naples (Italy) during the summer.

Contact information:


Phone (US): (+1) 847-502-2738

Phone (IT): (+39) 333-2003-583

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