Carol Ann Davidson

As a physical therapist, Carol Ann has worked in rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, universities, and home care. Her specialty has been neurologic physical therapy, which includes working with people who had brain injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, movement disorders and spinal cord injuries.

For personal wellness, she’s always loved yoga. In 2016, Carol Ann entered into yoga teacher training to integrate yoga and physical therapy.  Carol Ann’s current professional focus is to share yoga with people who are older or with physical challenges to promote optimal function and wellness as they move through life’s journeys. 

An additional interest is yoga for scoliosis. In 2021, Carol Ann completed her training to become a Yoga for Scoliosis certified Teacher Trainer with Elise Browning Miller.  As someone who has a mild scoliosis and a mom of a daughter with scoliosis, she has experienced how yoga can support the body to function well with a curvature of the spine whether one’s had scoliosis most of one’s life or it began in adulthood.