Alison West

An internationally known teacher and leader in her specialty, Yoga for Posture, Backcare and Scoliosis, Alison is director of Yoga Union and the YU Posture, Backcare & Scoliosis Center in New York City. She trains teachers at the 500-hour level and leads a unique 120-hour Posture, Backcare and Scoliosis training in addition to international workshops, master classes and retreats. She has completed a Yoga Journal on-demand Yoga for Back Health series. In addition, she has published a range of articles for Yoga Journal covering an array of subject both non-backcare and backcare.

She is writing her first Yoga book, Yoga for Backcare, to be followed by Yoga for Scoliosis.

She is also head of Yoga for NY, the organization representing Teachers, studios and students in New York State. Alison has studied Iyengar Yoga with some of the leading teachers in the US (the late Mary Dunn, Kevin Gardiner) and went to Pune to deepen her experience of the therapeutic methods of the Iyengar Institute. She studied Yoga for Scoliosis with both Bobbie Fultz and Elise Miller, whose Yoga for Scoliosis training she completed many years ago. She has formulated principles of practice that support her work and has specialized in posture, backcare and scoliosis for the last twenty years, learning as much from her students and their individual issues as she has taught them.

Yoga Union offers a full program of Alignment classes from Basic beginner to Level 4 (taught by Alison West). Yoga Union also houses the YU Backcare & Scoliosis program with a full array of specialized classes for Backcare and Posture, Herniation, Scoliosis, and Spinal Fusions in addition to workshops for individual conditions such as Hyper-Kyphosis and Hyper-Lordosis, Spondylolisthesis, Spinal Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Hyper-mobility and more.

Alison leads extensive training programs: Mandala of Yoga 500-hour Teacher Training, 150-Hour Backcare & Scoliosis training,  Basic Rope Wall Certification, Basic Chair Certification, and a special Yoga for Dowel workshop program. She leads Backcare and Scoliosis Retreats at Centro Santillan near Malaga, which attract an international group of students and teachers. ( Alison also teaches private sessions both in studio and via Skype.

Social media: alisonwestyoga and YogaunionNYC on both FB and Instagram.