Alison West

alisonwestAlison West, ERYT, established Yoga Union in 1996 after studying widely and teaching Yoga in NY for ten years. She practiced Astanga Yoga for a number of years while studying Iyengar Yoga for alignment, working in particular with Kevin Gardiner and Genny Kapuler. Alison has studied with many of the senior Iyengar teachers in the United States, and has traveled to Pune to study with the Iyengars.  Both her mother’s scoliosis and her own thoraco-lumbar curve awakened her to spinal asymmetry and led her to study with Bobbie Fulz and then Elise Miller, whose certification program she completed in 2005. With Deborah Wolk, she has established the Yoga Union Center for Backcare and Scoliosis, the first of its kind on the East Coast.

Alison has formulated Principles of Practice that can be applied to most forms of Hatha Yoga, and brings to her teaching the insights born of the ongoing study of anatomy and kinesiology with master teachers such as Irene Dowd, Tom Myers, and Gil Hedley for dissection.
Alison conducts biannual Teacher Trainings in New York City, teaches workshops nationwide and in Europe, and teaches both group and private classes in Manhattan.  The Yoga Union TT is registered at the 500-hour level.

Alison can be reached at or at  (212) 510-7404.
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(photo credit: jocelyn filley)