Abby Feinstein


Abby Feinstein has been practicing yoga since 2002. In 2010, in order to deepen her practice, she enrolled in the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program at Triad Yoga Institute in Greensboro, NC.

Midway through the training, Abby decided that she would like to share her love of yoga with others and began teaching in 2011. Her teaching is fun and humorous, allowing her students to feel comfortable practicing no matter what age or physical ability. With a dedicated practice of yoga, anyone can build confidence and mental calmness that allows them to face challenges with greater ease.

Abby has scoliosis and attended a scoliosis workshop with Elise in the early 2000’s. The lessons learned allowed Abby to adapt her yoga practice for her particular spinal curve. In 2019, Abby decided that she would like to help others do the same. She completed Elise’s scoliosis training and practicum and since then has empowered dozens of students.

Abby’s goal is to give her students the confidence and encouragement that a yoga practice, adapted for their particular curve, can make a difference- not only physically but psychologically.

Study with Abby and you will learn how to maintain or lessen your curve with a committed and consistent practice. Moreover, you will find awareness and balance in your body so that you may achieve better alignment in your practice. In turn, you will attain more symmetry in your body and in your life- both on and off the mat!

Abby lives in Hilton Head/Bluffton, SC and welcomes students locally and online.

Abby Feinstein