Sandra Razieli


Sandra Razieli originally came to yoga in 1997 after many years of frustration trying to find a way to ease pain associated with her scoliosis. She quickly discovered that asana practice not only helped her feel better in her body, but was great training for her mind and inspirational for her spirit.  She began teaching in the hope that others would not have such a difficult experience. Sandra has been a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2001 and a Certified Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer since 2006. She also holds an MA in Cultural Anthropology and serves as a Spiritual Leader at Kehilla Community Synagogue.

Along with teaching workshops, classes, and private lessons on yoga for scoliosis, she enjoys teaching general public classes and specializes in classes for seniors and athletes. She currently teaches public classes in the San Francisco Bay Area at Kaiser PermanenteBerkeley Ironworks and Kehilla Community Synagogue.

While my teaching manner tends towards the playful, I am very serious about teaching careful alignment and physical safety. I have found that the precision of an Iyengar based practice is an incredibly helpful tool for learning to understand and consciously feel the extra twists and turns of scoliosis.  This awareness and precision provides those of us with scoliosis the opportunity to be pro-active about taking care of our extra curves.  Through my personal yoga practice and my years of teaching and observing students, I can attest to how applying the insights gained in yoga practice to everyday habits of movement can lead to greater freedom, comfort and ultimately a more fulfilling life.