Rebecca Heiden

RebeccaHeiden_asana RebeccaHeidenRebecca Heiden was diagnosed with idiopathic adolescent scoliosis during a routine school screening at age 11.  She wore a Milwaukee brace 23 hours a day for two years before surgery was recommended to impede the growth of her 50+ degree curve.  At age 13, Harrington Rods were attached to her left thoracic spine, and vertebrae were fused from T5-L2.  Rebecca spent the next two decades relatively pain free, but began having chronic and sometimes debilitating back pain in her late 30’s.  On the advice of her physician, she gave up high impact exercise and turned to yoga.  In only a short time, her back pain was almost non-existent and she noticed she was much calmer and better focused.

Rebecca holds a BS in Health Sciences and an MPA in Health from SUNY Brockport and has always been interested in nutrition, wellness and social health issues.  Rebecca is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200 RYT and received her certification in Yoga for Scoliosis under the study of Elise Miller.

Rebecca strives to empower people of all ages and activity levels to improve their quality of life through yoga practice.  She offers private lessons, workshops, and classes in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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Rebecca Heiden