Narelle Carter-Quinlan

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is an Australian yoga teacher, anatomist, and photographer, whose work integrates the body and the land. She views and experiences the body as part of the greater ecology. Inhabiting a significant scoliosis, her yoga practice and teaching have a strong focus on spinal health, with a particular focus on the asymmetric spine, and back pain.

Having a strong academic background in spinal anatomy and pathology and the neurophysiology of postural control, Narelle has extensively researched the impact of scoliosis on the functional body over the past two decades. Scoliosis impacts more than the musculoskeletal body, and effects the lungs, organic body, the nervous system, balance and the body’s relationship with gravity. Developmental movement patterns and the way the body moves within its fluid systems are all important considerations when practicing yoga in the architecture of a scoliosis. Narelle’s language in teaching, offers the student clear pathways of skeletal alignment, together with a more poetic experience that evokes the body as a fluid whole. She is globally renowned for her photographic images of aspects of nature that echo the body; when used as metaphor – as she does in her teaching – her photographs offer the student images that are able to be embodied to elicit a new experience of the spine.

Narelle is formally trained in the Iyengar method of yoga with Alan Goode. She has studied with, assisted, and taught for Elise Miller in her Teacher Training. Narelle has guest taught in New York City for Alison West and Deborah Wolk, has taught in various cities in Europe, in the United Kingdom, in New Zealand, as well as in her native Australia. She has presented her research in yoga for scoliosis and back pain at international peer reviewed Osteopathic, Physiotherapeutic, Dance and Medical Research and Yoga Therapy Conferences.

These days, Narelle is based Globally, as she travels with her husband, a photographer. She teaches wherever she is visiting, both private students and Workshops. She is available for online mentoring to both Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students. Narelle has created the celebrated online yoga for scoliosis course, EASS-y; The Embodied Anatomy of the Spine in Scoliosis – applied to Yoga, which is available as a home study program. She is currently creating two additional online yoga for scoliosis and back pain courses; Yoga on the Move, helping folk practice yoga in any environment -including whilst traveling;  and, the embryology of the spine applied to the practice of yoga.

You can discover more about Narelle’s work and come play with her, by visiting her website