Maureen attended her first yoga class around the year 2000. She practiced on and off until 2012 when she began to attend studio classes on a weekly basis. Maureen is curious and loves learning so she enrolled in a yoga teacher training class. During the program, Maureen realized that she wanted to teach yoga and share her new knowledge with others. Maureen received her 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in May 2016.

Maureen was diagnosed with scoliosis in high school and wore a Boston style brace for 23 hours a day for a couple of years. She happened to see an article online about yoga for scoliosis and knew that this was a training that she needed to do. In September 2018, Maureen completed the requirements to become an Elise Browning Miller Yoga For Scoliosis Trainer.Maureen has also studied yoga for bone strength under Terry Roth Schaff and yoga and the human body with Timothy McCall. M.D.

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Maureen Farmer

New Britain, CT