Kate is an interdisciplinary master Yoga and Pilates teacher and bodyworker who helps her clients heal, strengthen and find the freedom in their bodies they long for. 

She works one-on-one with clients so that she can tailor the experience to meet each individual’s needs.

Kate takes her extensive knowledge about the structural body, muscles, bones, ligaments and fascia and combines it with her more subtle understanding about the nervous system and energy body for an experience that goes beyond the efficacy of any one modality.

When clients pair their individual work with at-home tools and functional strength workouts, they experience less pain, more joy, are equipped to deal with their lives on a day-to-day basis and know how to prevent any further injuries.

Kate specializes in working with clients experiencing limitations or pain from scoliosis and other back injuries through Yoga for Scoliosis. She also works specifically with mothers who want to be healthy during their pregnancies, prepare for birth, prevent common birth injuries, and heal postpartum.

Kate uses a variety of modalities to help her own scoliosis and is immensely grateful for the gift of Yoga for Scoliosis, which she returns to daily to align, calm and ground herself. Her teaching is a natural expression of her curiosity about the body and personal daily practice.

Kate lives in Longmont, Colorado with her husband, Mike, and two young kids. She is the founder and owner of Colorado Active Pilates in Loveland, CO, owner of Bloom Method of Boulder County and she sees private clients in Boulder and Loveland. Kate is also available for online private sessions which you can book at katelillis.com.

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