Jeanne-Marie Derrick **

JeanneMarieDerrickJeanne-Marie Derrick is certified in Iyengar Yoga.  She was introduced to Iyengar Yoga in 1983 and realized immediately the teachings of yoga, related philosophies and therapies offer a sincere practitioner the ability to overcome tribulations and find contentment, peace and joy while having fun.

Therapeutic Yoga has been a core focus for Jeanne-Marie through her practice and as a yoga instructor.  Yoga and therapeutics become analogous, as one understands more about the classical teaching and practice of yoga.

Jeanne-Marie has taught many workshops and teacher trainings both nationally and internationally.   She also studies and practices Ayurveda and has extensive anatomical and physiological knowledge.  Jeanne-Marie spent many years studying Women’s Yoga.  She wrote a book in 2001: Yoga for Menstruation; a Practice Guide, in which she illustrated and elaborated Geeta Iyengar’s teachings on women’s yoga.  Jeanne-Marie has another love and occupation of art and painting.

Jeanne-Marie is available for private yoga sessions in both New York City and Philadelphia and the surrounding area.

Contact information:
Jeanne-Marie Derrick
1623 Briarwood Dr.
Bensalem, Pa 19020
1973 362 5165

** Jeanne-Marie is an Iyengar Certified Instructor who has done additional training with Elise to become a Yoga for Scoliosis certified instructor. She is highly qualified because of her Iyengar training and has a deep understanding of how to work with scoliosis.