Jana Spierings was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of fourteen. This was during a time when she was dancing at a high level and didn’t want to know anything about surgery. She got a brace for a year after which the doctors decided the 48 degrees curve had stabilized.

Scoliosis seemed to hold her back from a dancing career, so she went to get a Masters in Argumentation. After working different office jobs in project management, she hit a big wall when at 26 she got a lot debilitating pain. This restricted her daily life so much that work was impossible and sitting for a few minutes resulted in stabbing pains.

For two years she tried everything in regular therapies until she first got to experience a yoga for scoliosis workshop by Deborah Wolk. This opened her eyes and she never looked back. Traveling to New York City to take classes with Alison West, enrolling in Rachel Jesien’s Online Series for Scoliosis and completing the practicum with Elise Browning Miller.

As she resolved her own pains and now manages to stay pain free, she is ready to guide others in their scoliosis journey. She is based in Amsterdam, but will hold workshops throughout the Netherlands.

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