Evelyn Greenfield

EvelynGreenfieldI took my first yoga class because I was told it might help the pain in my back. I had a nagging pain on my upper left thoracic and my lower back. I did not know it at the time but I had a mild left thoracic scoliosis and mild lordosis. My pain brought me to yoga and created my great interest and passion for THERAPY yoga. My training has been influenced by the teachings of Sri. T. krishnamacharya’s lineage of teachers. I have now been teaching yoga for 9 years as a E- RYT at www.yogalotusroom.com in Tampa, Florida . My favorite book is “Structural Yoga Therapy” by Mukunda Stiles. I completed my training with Elise Miller “Yoga for Scoliosis” in 2008.

Evelyn Greenfield ERYT 200, 500 RYT
6726 N. River Blvd.
Tampa, Florida 33604
(813) 760-0445