I could give you a bio, but I prefer to give a part of my story:

While in teacher training, my hairstylist told me that her twelve year old daughter, Katelyn, had just been diagnosed with Scoliosis. As a mother, she was devastated that her daughter needed to wear a brace. She desperately wanted to know if there was anything that could be done. Could Yoga help? She had read on the internet that an actress, with the same condition, was helping herself with Yoga.  Sure, I said. I told her that, after my initial yoga training, I’d learn some tools that I’m sure would be helpful. However, as I continued with my training I discovered, to my amazement, that there were no specific approaches for Scoliosis. It was undiscovered country to the world of Yoga practitioners. Teachers. Students. Virtually everyone.

Thinking of my promise to help Katelyn, that’s when I began my own search. Not just asking around, but digging. And that’s when I found Elise Browning Miller. Elise had Scoliosis herself, and yet she had healed herself with Yoga. Though she has a forty-nine degree curvature to her spine, she now lives her life pain-free, and to the fullest. That’s when I set about to learn how everything Elise could teach me about overcoming Scoliosis—understanding how to de-rotate, how to lengthen, and how to strengthen the spine through specific poses. To ease, even to conquer, the challenges of the disorder.

It was Elise’s’ journey that gave me the tools to help Katelyn. And following that, with what I learned and built upon, more women; women who now have relief, renewed hope, and gained self-confidence in their own bodies. Life throws all of us curves, some in the form of Scoliosis. I am excited to be able to teach those with Scoliosis how to help themselves through the practice of Yoga to lead healthier lives.

Come see me in my private studio up on Mount Williams.

Judi Murfin, RYT 200
Yogini Yoga
Beaverton, OR